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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Green Lantern - Retro Style


The Green Lantern's Oath

“In brightest day, in blackest night, 
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might, 
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!“    

In addition to my Comic Con Victorian Wonder Woman, I also did a retro Green Lantern dress. I had seen this fabric in Yardage Town about six months before Comic Con, and knew I had to make a dress out of it.  The pattern I chose was Vintage Vogue 8789, (yellow version) on sale at Joann’s for $3.99.   

The pattern calls for 4  7/8th yards, so I got 5 yards.  It was on sale 30% off, which brought it down to $24.50.   NOT the cheapest dress I have made, but I was paying for the licensed character, I’m sure!

I wanted to incorporate the Green Lantern’s symbol, so I decided to make a belt, using a buckle with that image.   I got the buckle on ebay.  They advertised it for $7.99, with a “make an offer” option.  I offered $5, and they accepted it!  I found a $1 belt at the thrift store, removed that buckle and replaced it with my new one.  I covered the belt in a piece of green scrape fabric I had.

Of course, what is the Green Lantern without his lantern??? Since I didn’t want to carry it around all day, I wanted a small, lightweight one I could attach to my belt.  I found a light wood one at Michaels on sale for $4.  It had glass panes on all four sides that were removable, which is what I wanted.  First, a coat of green paint.  Next, I asked my friend Joanne to print the symbol on a clear acetate sheet she had available at her work.  I took out the glass and put the acetate sheets in their place.   For the green light, I found a clear glass “gem” that had a screw in green led light.  

  White 50s gloves were perfect for this look, as were a pair of green slip on shoes I had.   To top it off, I wore a bright kelly green shrug I got on ebay for $8. 
Yuly as Wonder Woman

I also made a matching tote bag from left over fabric to wear with it!  I was happy I got stopped several times and complemented.  Everyone liked the twist I put on a traditional character.  Even the DC "bombshell gals" versions of characters liked it, and wanted to take a photo with me!  Well, if I were 20 years younger...........
Bombshell Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Big Barda and Bat Woman
Wonder Woman and Batman

Belle as Harley Quinn
All the above photos were taken by my sister-in-law Kathy.    Last photo - LOKI!   You can see the tote bag I made on my left shoulder.  It blends right in with my dress.  Now, what to make for next year?


  1. Your imagination amazes me. Even my hubby was impressed with your dress.
    And you got a good Loki there. ;)

    1. Thanks Val! Yes, Loki was really good. Saw a great Thor too.

  2. I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it at Comic Con, Cindy. Like Val wrote, your imagination and clever designs never disappoint. I look forward to your next amazing project!

    1. Thanks Sandra! Not sure what I will do next year. have to get through the holidays first :)

  3. Fab idea. I like the twist. I'm not a big comicbook geek so I'm terrible at recognizing anyone who hasn't been in a film. lol!
    But what about a 1950s wonderwoman. Star print circle skirt. Red short sleeved shirt or bodice. Gold belt and gold with the red gemstone hat.

    1. I am not a big comic geek either, but loved this fabric! Your Wonder Woman idea sounds cute. I just did Victorian Wonder Woman, so I am going to try and do a more obscure comic character next year. hmmmmm......

  4. Another great creation! Love the mashup of vintage style with vintage comic hero!

    1. Thanks Trudy. It was real fun and I hope to wear it again someday.