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Monday, August 14, 2017

Boris and Natasha, International Spies

Spy fun with my favorite cartoon International spies, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale!  Together with Fearless Leader, these no good-niks get into all kinds of mischief trying to eradicate Moose and Squirrel.   I wanted an easy dress for both Costume College's Friday night spy party, and Tiki Oasis spy themed weekend.

I had to have a Boris and Natasha dress. After looking all over, I found this fantastic fabric!
 Well of course, it was out of print.  I was only able to find one continuous yard of this fabric (I was finding fat quarters for quilting).  How do I make a dress from one yard??? 

Out came my favorite pattern, which I make once a year.  See pattern here    If I were careful, I could squeeze the bodice pieces out of it.   It was soooo tight, I even had to use the selvage for the center back where the zipper went!  It does not show in the finished dress.

I decided to attach it to a black skirt, and decorate it somehow with left over scraps. There was a strip of fabric and two square pieces left over.   One square I would incorporate into the black skirt somehow, and the other square was for sleeves.  

I cut out the skirt and sewed that up so I could attach the strip around the bottom.  I had to take a few tucks so it would bend with the curve of the skirt.  I sewed some tiny black and white check ribbon across the top, and then hemmed the bottom.

Then on to the cap sleeves cut from the second left over square piece.  Oh dear, it wasn't quite wide enough at the ends of the sleeves where the underarms meet.  I decided to piece the ends with the tiny left over scraps.  It would be in an area no one would see.   The pattern doesn't match up, but its such a busy print it didn't matter.

I found a cute little Boris cloth doll, and wanted to use him.  My second square of leftover fabric became a pocket!   I can always take him out and use the pocket for small items later. For now, he is riding along.  I am currently looking for a turquoise belt, but will use the red one until I find one I like.  Still have to sew on the pocket, its just pinned on here.

First event was Costume College's Friday Night Social: Casino Royale-Our Favorite Spies.  I was Chair for this event.   I hired the wonderful Richard Halpern to appear as Austin Powers and work the crowd.  He was amazing! This is his website     Here are a few photos from the event.

Above left, Richard "Austin Powers" Halpern with Birda and me.  Above right, a lovely lady from the UK as Natasha. Love the way she's holding a gun on Bullwinkle.



 Next, Tiki Oasis!   For this event, I added belt loops on the dress, because when I raised my arms, the belt would shift.   I changed out my hair accessories, because my friend Erin made the cutest bomb/red eyeball flower hair piece, and it went perfect with the dress.  I also wore comfy black sneakers, as I was at this event for 13 hours.   AND.... a Boris and Natasha won the couples costume contest!  If I come across their photo, I will add it here.

Tiki Oasis photos below!

 Above, at the Deadhead Rum tiki trailer.

Above right, hangin' with da boys.

Right, Men (and Women) from U.N.C.L.E.

Below, end of the night room party line!


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