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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tiki Oasis Saturday - Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Saturday was awesome!    I didn't think I would get this dress done on time but I did.   When we attended Rockabilly Weekend in April, I kept my eyes open for Monster inspiration at the 100+ vendor booths.  I saw Frankenstein and Wolf man accessories all over, but I kept looking.  I finally found my treasure: this Creature purse!  He is my favorite classic monster, and I love the movies made about him.

I searched on line for fabric to make a creature dress, but didn't really see much.  I googled "creature dresses" for the heck of it, and found this adorable skater dress from China.  It was "One Size", which I am sure meant for a 12 year old. It was only about $15, and I decided to get it anyway.  I saw that the skirt was a circle, and the top was a simple tank.  I could take it apart easily and use the pieces, filling in with black fabric to make it my size.  When I received it, I simply took out the stitching at the waist and separated the two half circles.  I removed the side seams from the tank top.  Later, I cut the straps off the top and kind of appliqued the print on the black.
The skirt length barely covered my backside.  The tank part went just below the bust.  It was very stretchy.  I bought a few yards of black poly poplin to use as my base dress.   First, I needed a short circle skirt pattern.   I had just finished the Circus outfit, and the under dress was a full circle.  I cut it out, and laid the sea monster pieces on top of it.  The waist circle of the monster skirt was way smaller than the waist circle of the black. I would need to adjust that to fit.  

As you can see, the smaller circumference of the monster skirt makes it a bit uneven, but I fixed that later by applying trim - under the print where the black is wider and over the print where the black is narrower.  Please note my assistant, who directed me through the whole process.   I tried it on, and it fit. Up and over my dress dummy....wait!   Why are there suddenly 3 extra inches in the waist?  It was stretching faster than I could pin it!   And yes I did stay stitch the waist first.  I pinned it and stitched it as fast as I could.   This is a real Frankenpattern.   I made it up of pieces from different patterns.  I found a basic bodice pattern, but instead of cutting the back down the center I cut it on the fold and moved the zipper to the side.  I didn't want the back of the monster tank cut.  I stitched the bodice to the skirt. I placed it on my dummy again and just laid the tank part over the front.  Needs a lot of work!  I bought 7 1/2 yards of black and green grosgrain ribbon, and made freeform pleats around the bottom edge, between the print and the black underskirt.  I added belt loops at the waist and used a thin vinyl patent belt.    Accessories were a giant green flower for my hair, two 1 inch Creature buttons, vintage bracelets and my friend Joanne bought me a glow in the dark Creature necklace!   Adding lots of photos here so you can see part of the event as well.
Dress and black fabric cost:  $23.00
Above left, my sister-in-law Kathy.  Above right, they are setting up the stage on Saturday.  
Below, in the hotel's courtyard/atrium.
 Below, Kevin, April, me, Michelle and Joanne all enjoying the concert.
Below, classic car show.
  Below left, waiting in a room party line with "Gill".  Below right, a Creature hole-in-one game.

The original gill man!

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  1. I love this color on you, and how much fun you have with the themes.