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Friday, July 17, 2015

Ariel Goes to Disneyland

This year has been hard for me to be able to sew my usual period gowns, so I have stuck to smaller projects.  I am gearing up for a big project, maybe for our Holiday party, which I will share with you :)

I was only able to go to Comic Con for one day this year, and the outfit I wanted to make will have to wait for next year, due to finances and a broken sewing machine.  I have a loaner machine now, so can continue on!

Being a Disneyland annual passholder and an Ariel/Little Mermaid fan, I decided to use my stash items to create a humorous outfit for Comic Con.    I had made a Mermaid Skirt  for Costume College two years ago, and brought it out again (see link).    However, this time, I used my Disney accessories to create a blow out ARIEL GOES TO DISNEYLAND outfit!

I did purchase a $9 wig for this, and that's about it.   I accessorized with Ariel Disney ears, bag, and a doll I received in a Disney Secret Walt gift exchange.  I have been collecting Ariel Disney pins for years, and brought those out too!  Here are some fun pics from the day.

On the trolley to the convention center.  Jerry is not amused!
My dinglehopper got stuck.

What's Under the Sea?

  These were taken behind the convention center, on the stairway leading down to the little harbor.  Little girls loved me, and wanted hugs and photos.  That was the best part of my day!.

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