When I first started this blog, I was an unemployed costumer attempting to create period gowns and costumes with very limited means. Although now employed, I still try to be as thrifty as possible. I am still "The Broke Costumer"!

In addition to posts about the outfits I make on a budget, this blog includes short research articles on fashion, history, accessories, styles, or whatever interests me at the moment.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1960's Golden Artemis

Happy Halloween!  This year I went to a gods and goddesses party.  We each had to chose a specific mythological character.   I chose Artemis for several reasons.  She is also known as Diana and Cynthia, which is my name.  She is goddess of the moon and the hunt, and carries a bow and arrows.  I also do archery.  And I am a Sagittarius, who also carries a bow and arrows. 

I wanted to put a twist on my costume this year.   Since I grew up watching those great 1960s movies such as Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, Ulysses, Hercules, and even the later 1981 Clash of the Titans, I wanted to do a mod version.    I also wanted another costume to go with my long, red beehive wig. 

I had just watched Goldfinger again, so I decided to do 1960's Golden Artemis.  Groovy!  The first thing I did was to go on Amazon and find - GOLD gogo boots!   I found these, made by Funtasma. They are so comfy.  Of course, these will be part of some future costume :)    

Next, I wanted to find a simple goddess toga pattern.  I found several, but not a short one.  I finally found this one:  Can't beat that price!  Very easy, a front and a back, with elastic.

Next, I went to Party City to see what they might have.  I found a wood bow in the cowboy & Indian section.  I bought a little bottle of gold acrylic paint, and painted the wood.  It came with three arrows and I painted them too.  I wrapped the handle in gold ribbon, and also tied the arrows onto the bow string with gold bows.

The fabric was fun to buy.   I got 2 1/2 yards of liquid gold lame.  Took no time at all to zip out a shell.  It had to be lined (scrap sheeting I had) because the gold was super stretchy.  Here is the shell, trying on with boots so I can cut the hem.  A no sew hem!  No raveling. 

I thought it looked too much like a regular dress, so I added a gold drape across the front.  It made all the difference.  Now for accessories.   I borrowed big hoop earrings from my sis in law, and three gold bracelets from my friend at work. I got white fishnets for $2 at the swapmeet.  I got  gold glitter nail polish, gold creme eyeshadow and gold tinsel eyelashes.  For the "crowning" touch, I found a gold leaf tiara in the Halloween store.  Here is the end result.
My brother Tom as Dionysus, god of wine

My sis-in-law Kathy as Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty

Joanne as Athena, goddess of wisdom

King Midas and his golden lady

My brother and me

$27     boots  (investment for another costume!)
$1       pattern
$8       fabric
$4       tiara
$2       fishnets

TOTAL    $42