When I first started this blog, I was an unemployed costumer attempting to create period gowns and costumes with very limited means. Although now employed, I still try to be as thrifty as possible. I am still "The Broke Costumer"!

In addition to posts about the outfits I make on a budget, this blog includes short research articles on fashion, history, accessories, styles, or whatever interests me at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my journey into the land of inexpensive costuming and short articles.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic Weekend

The San Diego Costume Guild got together on Saturday, April 15th and appeared at the Del Mar Antique Show in Edwardian costumes.  There was quite a group of us as you can see from this picture. I barely finished my Secret Santa dress in time for our event.  I will be wearing this dress again when the guild goes to the Natural History Museum to walk through the Titanic Artifact Collection on May 5th.  I didn't get the hat done that I was supposed to wear with this dress, so wore my huge foofy one!  Here are a few photos of my dress:




  1. You all look AMAZING! Wish I'd been able to pop up there and view the eye candy in person. I think it's just fabulous the way that historical dressing has developed in the last few years. I love so many eras, Edwardian is one of my favorites because Mary Poppins is my favorite person in the world, and someday, I plan on being able to wear those clothes!

    Got a little too chunky monkey in years past to feel good about continuing to wear period clothing, but I've been working hard this last year to alleviate that and am anxious to get the machine out and start plowing through the three silks I've been hoarding for the last 7 years and make some gowns! I want to come and play with you guys!

  2. The hat totally sells it. :D

    I recognize that pattern! Looks like you had better luck with it than I did. Well done!

  3. I was so glad you got it done in time to wear. Now you have 3 weeks to finish the hat for the next event. :)

  4. Nice dress...And I am terrifically jealous of people who have huge crowds of folks they can do this with. I have two friends who also sew and a few that will willingly wear something someone else has sewed for them. I want a huge group like you've got.