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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Victorian Captain America!

Its that time of year again - Comic Con!   I had tickets for two days this year, instead of my usual one day.  I didn't want to spend too much time on costumes this year, so looked at what I had to build on.  I've done two different versions of Wonder Woman before (Victorian and Mod 60s) so I am over that.   I came across my red and white striped Victorian skirt I use in patriotic themed parades and events, and I immediately thought of Captain America.  Now I just need to make a bodice and over skirt.  I surfed on line for some themed prints.  I didn't see anything that wowed me, until I came across this awesome comic book print!  It was at Joanns, so I grabbed my gift card and off I went.   Casey, my helper kitty, worked as my pattern weight.  Finished the over skirt in one day.   Later on, after the bodice was finished, I added the gold fringe you see here.  I used the Truly Victorian Bustled Apron Over Skirt pattern.  


Next, the bodice.   I used my trusty Truly Victorian Day Bodice pattern, but did not want long sleeves.  I actually borrowed the sleeve pattern from a Regency dress I am making. and it worked out fine.  Not looking for historical accuracy, this is a fun outfit! WONKY BUTTON ALERT!  I cannot sew buttons on late at night because this happens!   Took two of the buttons off, and redid.  I ordered a Captain America patch on ebay, and sewed that on too. Added gold fringe.

Here is the finished outfit on my dress form.  Next, I needed a shield.   What is round that goes with a Victorian dress?  A parasol, of course!   I bought a white paper parasol on line at the Paper Lantern Store.  A small bottle each of red, white and blue paint, and here we are.

 Now, lets go to Comic Con!  I was stopped for lots of pictures, and did the Captain America Salute quite often.  Here are photos of me and two versions of the Captain.



I got a great plastic tote bag with the shield on it at the 99 cent store.  I did put a canvas tote inside it to make it sturdier, and it worked out well.

 Above, I had fun trying to find comic books that matched the ones on my over skirt.

Here are some of my friends, and a few of these photos are taken by them.  Upper right, Barbara.  Right, Jim.

Below, April, Jerry and Joanne.

Joanne and me.                                                             Carol, Tim and me.


       At the end of the day, looking frazzled and droopy. Good bye, Comic Con!
Over skirt - Free on gift card
Blue cotton for bodice  - $5.00
Gold Fringe - $10.00
Buttons - $5.50
Patch - $2.00
Parasol - $12.00 (includes shipping)
Paint - $4.50
Bag - $1

TOTAL $40.00

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